HealthCare Advisory Board Member
Experienced security professional with a strong focus on security operations, planning, and management. Specializing in strategic healthcare security planning, risk mitigation, auditing, regulatory compliance, crisis management, and emergency response management. Skilled in delivering top-tier security guidance, maintaining equipment, conducting trainings, and leading projects. Collaborates seamlessly with law enforcement agencies on investigative reports, vandalism, and arrests and court proceedings.

Executive Protection / Physical Security Advisory Board Member

​​​​​Bob Johnson, CPP

Lismar Associates, LLC and our Board of Advisors maintain an extensive network of contacts within the security industry to include retail, healthcare, executive protection and site security. This means that we can tap into valuable resources such as technology vendors, training providers, and other security professionals. Leveraging their connections, we can recommend and implement the best-in-class security solutions for your organization.​ By engaging with Lismar Associates, you can bolster your organization's security infrastructure, mitigate risks, and gain a competitive edge in today's challenging business landscape. Our expertise, fresh perspective, cost efficiency, tailored solutions, network access, and ongoing support make us an invaluable asset to your security strategy.

Ross Gaudette

Highly accomplished executive protection and security expert, armed with an extensive background in specialized training and a distinguished track record within Fortune 10 environments. Renowned for exceptional skills in designing, implementing, and managing robust physical security measures that safeguard assets, personnel, and critical infrastructure. Proven proficiency in threat assessment, surveillance technologies, and emergency response protocols.

Mark Gaudette, CPP, CFI, LPC

Security & Asset Protection 


Mark Gaudette is an award-winning security and asset protection professional, boasting a comprehensive tenure within the realms of retail and physical securities. With a trailblazing career defined by innovation and leadership, Mark's expertise in security and asset protection methodologies is unrivaled. Mark has served as Senior Regional Vice President at ASIS International, the world's largest organization dedicated to security management professionals. His executive acumen has left an indelible mark, reshaping industry norms and setting new benchmarks for excellence. Mark is a nationally sought-after subject matter expert and speaker, captivating audiences with his insights into risk assessment, security strategies, and asset protection. Holding an array of professional certifications, including the Certified Protection Professional (CPP) designation from ASIS International, the Certified Forensic Interview (CFI) credential from the International Association of Interviewers, and the Loss Prevention Certified (LPC) designation from the Loss Prevention Foundation, Mark's commitment is unparalleled.