S​ecurity & Asset Protection Consultation

​In a constantly evolving security landscape, our independent consultants at Lismar Associates offer continuous support, training, and guidance to ensure your security strategy remains strong and current. We specialize in emergency response planning, comprehensive employee training programs, and regular security evaluations, all designed to bolster your organization's resilience against ever-changing security threats. This proactive approach ensures that your security measures are not just reactive, but are also strategically ahead of potential risks.

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Site Security

Fraud Investigations

​ We offer comprehensive risk and vulnerability assessments for your facility, property and operational function encompassing various aspects such as physical controls, internal and external controls and administrative controls.
By sourcing state of the art technology solutions, we can develop an approach where the probability of risk detection is high. Using proven Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) concepts we can plan a strategy to aid in the target hardening of your locations. Leveraging cutting-edge technology solutions, we can design an approach that maximizes the probability of detecting and mitigating risk.  In addition, we incorporate proven Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) concepts into our strategies.  By applying these principles, our physical security experts can develop a targeted plan to fortify and strengthen your locations, making them less susceptible to criminal activity. 

​​Lismar Associates, LLC, is staffed with Certified Forensic Interviewers, specializes in a broad range of internal investigations. This includes examining policy violations, misconduct, theft, fraud, and conducting thorough background checks. Our skilled team is also adept at identifying and addressing external risks to your organization. We provide robust fraud prevention solutions, ensuring your business is well-protected against various threats, thereby maintaining a secure and ethical operational environment.

Our Independent Security Consultants specializes in providing an external, expert perspective for evaluating your business's security measures. Our approach involves identifying overlooked vulnerabilities and suggesting areas for enhancement, thereby helping your business establish and maintain industry-leading security practices. Our objective and comprehensive analysis guarantees an unbiased security assessment, ensuring your business's security infrastructure is robust and up-to-date.​

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Operational Security.

​​Are you having issues with product loss? Are your numbers not adding up right at the end of the day? Are you wishing every employee followed the same procedure? Our Security Management consultants are dedicated to collaborating closely with your team to create a cutting-edge World-Class Security program. Leveraging an Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) approach we ensure that your security management program is seamlessly aligned with your organizational goals. Security is a priority for every business. At our firm, we specialize in collaboration with a diverse range of industries, including retail establishments, food and beverage, legal firms, warehousing professionals, and online businesses to develop a proactive and tailored approach that mitigates risk in alignment with each client’s individual goals and objectives.