Operational Security.

S​ecurity & Asset Protection Consultation

Independent Security Consultants

Lismar Associates, LLC can help design and implement a Business

Continuity Plan (BCP) that fits the needs of your organization.

 Addressing areas of Workplace Violence Awareness training to prevent escalation of events through knowledge and recognition and providing staff members with Active Assailant Awareness Training that may help them to recognize and react to a possible event.

  We can design a comprehensive executive risk assessment that can identify personal and professional risk and offer solutions to increase safety.


Resilience Consulting

Site Security

Fraud Investigations

Our staff can design security compliance audits that identify best practices in your organization and can improve basic measures in areas of outputs and efficiencies.  The goal being to reduce security events, improve safety, change the organization’s risk picture, and provide solid business metrics. ​

​​Lismar Associates, LLC experienced investigators are comprised of Certified Forensic Interviewers and can conduct general internal investigative inquiries in areas policy violation and misconduct, theft and fraud, background investigations, sexual harassment, incident investigations and more. Our team will identify and investigate external risk to your organization and offer fraud denial alternatives to protect your business.

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​ We can perform risk and vulnerability assessments of your facility, property and operational function that addresses physical controls, internal and external controls and administrative controls.

By sourcing state of the art technology solutions, we can develop an approach where the probability of risk detection is high. 
Using proven Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) concepts we can plan a strategy to aid in the target hardening of your locations.  

Our Staff can execute a guard force performance evaluation, whether your force is proprietary or third party, to assure their proper role and training in protecting your assets.

​Our Security Management consultants will work with your team to design a World Class Security program using an Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) approach to align your security management program to your organizational goals.  

Our associates will develop security and asset protection policies and standards that identify priorities and provide initiatives that offer solutions to enhance performance and profitability of your organization by isolating factors contributing to profit erosion.